Don’t get me wrong, I love Andrew Christian stuff but whenever I see the ads these days I’m just…


*washes face*

*checks if acne is still there*

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checking tumblr in public


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1,295 plays Unusual You Britney Spears Circus



Baby, you’re so unusual 
Didn’t anyone tell you, you’re supposed to 
Break my heart, I expect you to, so why haven’t you?

Maybe you’re not even human ‘cause 
Only an angel could be so unusual 
Sweet surprise, I could get used to unusual you

One of my favorite songs from Britney. It is so beautiful.. The words.. The fact that it wasn’t a single and it was a stand out track! I think this was a def highlight on the circus album. Total gem.

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me arriving at your funeral


I swear this will be me on Sunday for pride

Who is this?

I’m about to get into this, girls This is for all the grown women out there

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